Let's face it, You have better things to do than mow the lawn.

Mowing Service  -  Most Lawns $15-$25

Do you have a smaller sized lawn in Meridian or West Boise? If so, we’d like to offer you a great price on mowing. By focusing on only smaller lawns, we can offer lower prices through efficiency, without rushing the job. We also use electric blowers & trimmers to cut down on noise,  pollution, and fuel expense.

Mowing service includes: Mowing, Trimming, Edging, and Blowing debris from walkways.

(Small lawn? About 2,500 sqft or less)

Simple Billing

A  monthly invoice is  sent via mail, door hanger or email for the previous months work. Choose to mail a check, use the pay button on your invoice, or pay from our website. Payments types accepted may change, but currently include: Check, Credit Card, Venmo, PayPal, & Cash App & Apple Pay.

Small Equipment

Small equipment for your small yard. Tired of watching a five foot wide machine mowing your ten foot wide lawn? Mowlogica uses smaller equipment with a 30 inch or smaller cut.  We also use electric blowers & trimmers, when possible, to cut down on noise and pollution.

Great Prices

By only mowing small lawns we don’t have to spend time and money on large and expensive equipment. Most lawns are just $15-$25 per mow.

Quick Satellite Estimates

We can often provide mowing estimates without having to visit your property in person. Just text or email your address and ask for a mowing estimate. We’ll then reply with an estimate as soon as possible.  If, for some reason,  we can’t use satellite imagery for the estimate, we will let you know an in person estimate is needed.

(Text’s usually get quickest replies)

Email, Text or Call:



Why only small lawns?

We are only accepting small lawns of around 2,500  square feet or less.  An example would be a 50 ft x 50 ft lawn. Because we only mow small lawns, we can offer small mowing prices with out the high “minimum charge”.

Do I need to be home?

Actually, most people are at work while we mow. We just ask that the lawn is mostly clear of obstacles like toys, trash, pink flamingos… 

Pets? Trapolines? Gnomes?

We love pets and are fine mowing lawns with pets in the yard. And, to keep them safe, we are sure to keep gates closed behind us. We only ask that pets are not aggressive. Even if they are just nipping because they are excited, it keeps us from getting work done.

  We don’t love trampolines. If you want us to move a trampoline for mowing there will be a $3 charge for that. Sorry, but they fall apart and kill our backs.  If you want to move it yourself a couple times a month then there won’t be a charge of course! Thanks!

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